SHFC GFPS Mechanism to Promote Gender-Responsiveness

Published on 9 October 2023

MAKATI CITY – In a continued effort to promote gender equality and inclusivity in the workplace, the Social Housing Finance Corporation (SHFC) organized a three-day refresher Gender Sensitivity Training program for its employees in Makati from October 3 to 5.

Twenty-one (21) female and fifteen (15) male employees actively participated in this training, which was coordinated under the GAD (Gender and Development) Focal Point System. Led by GAD consultant and trainer Ms. Lourdes Turiano, the workshop aimed to increase awareness and comprehension of GAD concepts, laws, and policies among participants, with the objective of fostering a more gender-sensitive workforce.

SHFC Vice President for Program Development and Enhancement Group and GFPS Executive Chairperson, Atty. Maria Rosalie Richa Taguian, emphasized the importance of gender sensitivity training in dismantling stereotypes and prejudices that can impede progress and equality.

Throughout the three-day program, various aspects of Gender and Development were covered, including discussions on gender equality, recognition, and addressing of biases, as well as an understanding of the legal framework and the foundation of SHFC’s commitment to safeguarding individuals’ rights, irrespective of gender.

SHFC’s dedication to gender equality recently earned recognition in the form of the GADTimpala Silver Award for Outstanding Gender-Responsive Agency from the Philippine Commission on Women. This award underscores SHFC’s commitment to promoting gender sensitivity and inclusivity in its operations.