System for Ranking Officers and Employees

Per GCG Memorandum Circular 2015-05, the system for Ranking Officers and Employees are as follows:

“5 Distribution System:

5.1 Grouping of Personnel

a) Senior Management

b) Middle Management

c) Professional and Supervisory

d) Clerical/General Staff

5.2 Distribution for Qualified Officers and Employees

5.2.1 For Profitable GOCCs – The grant of the PBB shall be based on the performance of the individual Officers and Employees with the rate of incentive as a multiple of the individual’s monthly basic salary based on the table below, but not to exceed the ceilings computed by using the same multiples to twice the basic salary of the comparable NG Position as provided in Annex A of GCG MC 2015-05. Thus, the PBB for Profitable GOCCs shall be distributed among its officers and employees for CY 2015, as follows:

Top: 10%2.5
Next: 25%1.5
Remaining: 65%1

Provided, that the total cost of the PBB shall not result in a net loss for CY 2015 computed before subsidy and unrealized gains/losses.

For losing GOCCs

Top: 10%25,000
Next: 25%15,000
Remaining: 65%7,500