Private Sector Representative

Lyndon B. Catulong, Sr. was born on October 31, 1964 in Davao City. He took up Bachelor of Arts Major in Political Science at University of Mindanao and graduated in 1989. He completed his Bachelor of Law in 1993 and his Doctor of Laws in 2020 both in the University of Mindanao.

As a person of integrity, he worked as an Anchor Man at DXMF Bombo from 1994-1997 and hosted a program entitled “Zona Libre”. From 1997-2003, he was the Program Director of DXGM GMA Super Radyo and hosted a commentary program, “SAKSI”. As a committed journalist, he also served as a Desk Man of GMA Davao and ABC TV5 where he displays an ability to deliver balanced, informative and interesting stories and news that give an opportunity to all involved parties to give their side. In 2003, he hosted the commentary program, “Ukay-Ukay sa Radyo Ukay” as the Anchor Man of DXUM Radyo Ukay. With the ability to transmit the information to listeners and enterprises effectively and efficiently, he is currently serving as a Newscaster Anchor of DXRR Radyo Rapido where he is hosting a commentary program and a news broadcast entitled, “Rapido Reports”. He is currently affiliated with Kapisan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas (KBP) since 1994.

On 07 June 2017, he has been appointed as a Private Sector Representative of Social Housing Finance Corporation up to the present. As part of his trainings as a Public Servant, he attended the Seminar on Corporate Governance provided for by the Development Academy of the Philippines in August 29 to 30, 2017. He also attended the 10th World Urban Forum in Dubai, UAE as part of the delegation of SHFC to the said Forum last 13 February 2020.