Housing, not Just A Right but A Fight

Eviction and demolition is a constant threat to urban slum dwellers of Antipolo, Rizal. Families rent and built makeshift houses by the riverbank, with pieces of wood and metal hardly raising them over the waterway.


Community pantries strengthen sense of neighborhood in Bisktekville

The rise of community pantries across the country amid the COVID-19 lockdowns inspired Bistekville 4 and 8 in Quezon City to set up their own, putting the spotlight on the spirit of pagbibigayan in SHFC communities during the pandemic.


For Lucena Mom, Getting Own Title A Positive Thing Out of Pandemic

Losing a loved one is never easy, particularly for a parent who buried a child. Back in 2010, Mary Anne Anat was a grieving mother struggling to comprehend the sudden death of his son.


Millennial mom injects innovation to drive success to business

Marife Mataba a 49-year-old “millennial mom” and president of Noah Homeowners Association, Inc. in Marikina City, manages a small traditional sari-sari store in their community. Prior to the pandemic, her store offers just the basic commodities such as canned goods, noodles, bread, and the likes. Restocking it has never been a priority.