Alternate of DOF Secretary
Department of Finance

Undesecretary Bayani H. Agabin is 53 years old. He received his Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of the Philippines in 1994 and his Bachelor of Science in Economics degree from the same University in 1989.

Before joining the government, he was the Senior Vice-President for Legal Affairs of the Rapu-Rapu Minerals, Inc. Assistant Vice-President, Legal and Deputy Counsel for the Philippine Associated Smelting and Refining Corporation, and Manager of the Legal Services Department at Eastern Telecommunications Philippines. He was also an associate at the law firm of SyCip Salazar Hernandez & Gatmaitan and the founding Partner of the Tolosa, Romulo, Agabin, Flores and Enriquez Law Office.

He was appointed as the official alternate of the DOF Secretary to SHFC Board on 17 July 2019 up to present.